Advice and Assistance in Accounting and Bookkeeping

The ABC Plus Service (Bookkeeping and Accounting Assistance) was developed with the objective of providing structured assistance in the planning, analyzing and reporting stages of all management activities and the implications thereof, in terms of the economic, equitable, and financial consequences for the organization.

ABC Plus was designed to support small to mid-size business enterprises, with the aim of ensuring planning, management and monitoring of activities, always in line with the client’s requirements, assuring a process approach, the efficient management of needs and continuously updating reporting and documentation requirements.

ABC Plus is organized to best satisfy the particular needs of our business clients. We offer two distinct categories of services: ABC+ basic (basic accounting and financial advice and assistance) and ABC+ integrated (supplementary value-added services). ABC+ basic services were planned for modules—FLASH, STANDARD, EVOLUTION—with the goal of interceding in different business needs.

With the aim of ensuring a professional service specially “tailored” to your business, ABC+ provides a preliminary analysis and assessment phase that allows the client to identify in detail the business’s real needs and constraints. Such an approach thus allows us to customize our professional services based on the identified needs and characteristics of the client.

Development and management of Corporate Performance Management

CPM4B (Corporate Performance Management for business) service was developed with the objective of:

Providing assistance for the systematic monitoring of business performance through the timely presentation of the economic situation “the firm’s financial and physical indicators” technicians have identified as Key Performance Measures through reporting systems with high productivity and automation.

To develop forecasting and planning processes (business plans, industrial plans, budgeting, forecasting);

To ensure dynamic management control and to compare estimated data with actual data and analysis of the discrepancies.

To generate value made possible by maximizing available financial resources and tax planning.

The evolution of technology, the competitiveness of products, margin research by division and product, are all pushing small and mid-size businesses to adopt Corporate Performance Management techniques and methods typical of large organizations. For this reason, CPM4B is turning to small and mid-size enterprises.

Our service is organized to better meet the needs of our business clients relative to the drafting and preparing of the final document results for the year and management control for groups of companies.

CPM4B basic services provide ample coverage over three diverse areas:

Operating Corporate Performance Management;

Strategic Corporate Performance Management;

Information Systems Group.

In addition, we offer outsourcing services on consolidated financial statements (Outsourcing CPM).

CPM4B can provide the ability to customize the Chart of Accounts (PDC) adapting it according to the documents the client wishes to present: supplementary notes, management reports, internal reporting.

Advice and assistance with Web Design and Communication activities

The WDC (Web Design & Communication) Service was developed with the aim of providing small and mid-size businesses with the necessary assistance to acquire a place in the digital market consistent with business strategies.

The WDC Service is designed to achieve effective websites able to deal with all the peculiarities of the digital market, such as: management of direct and real-time relationships with clients, the need to manage the non-linear paths followed by users/visitors, the immediate visibility of obsolescent content, etc.

The WDC Service provides for the involvement of specific skills able to harmonize the technical and human knowledge necessary to develop Websites that are able to materialize content value through text, colors and images.

WDC provides 3 types of services: WDC Basic, WDC Integrated and WDC Full.
The WDC Full service can also be activated by starting an activity to take charge of existing sites with maintenance and updating of the same.

Management of Services for Human Resources Departments

HRadm (Human Resources/personnel administration) Services were developed with the aim of providing assistance and advice on all management processes and personnel administration.

This service turns principally on small and mid-size enterprises and was organized to best meet the needs for optimizing and monitoring the management of various administrative processes related to the HR department.

HRadm was designed with the goal of providing business clients with three different levels of service:

HRadm Basic: aims to meet the basic needs for filling out forms (e.g., form 770, declaration forms, etc.) processing requirements, paychecks and contributions, and ordinary advice and assistance.

HRadm Level I: aims to offer to clients, in addition to the basic services coverage, communication and information services, management of contracts, and attendance management.

HRadm Level II: provides Level I services with the addition of budgeting and reporting activities, integrated C.A.F. (tax assistance center) services and business intelligence.

The modules may provide, upon the client’s request, specific advice such as written technical opinions.

Finally, HRadm can provide a preliminary analysis and assessment aimed at quantifying, and a detailed analysis of, the real needs of the client. The detailed analysis of personnel administration processes will also allow an evaluation of any possible areas of integration with other S4B services.
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